Kivi by Kibu Green


Allows you to take care of your plants thanks to -IoT (Internet of things). Grow your own flowers and plants & cultivate vegetables and fruits with excellent taste, with the help of a large user experience database. Big Data for your plants’ care.


Now you can choose which plants you want to have at home, at work... KIVI helps you to take care of your plants through Internet of things.

Health Analysis

Kivi tracks your plants' health and takes care of them. Now your plants will be as healthy and green as ever.


We love design and UX/UI, KIVI is a innovative product that offers a great user experience.

Water your plants anywhere

Imagine that you can water your plants from the office, from the beach, or even from the north pole.

Electricity and water saving

Kivi waters your plants with the amount of water they need and makes efficient use of energy.

Now your plants communicate with you

Now if your plant needs sun or shade, will you receive a notification in the App.

Proven technology

Humidity sensors on ground, UV sensors, efficient watering, excellent battery life autonomy, 2 liter water tank, Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0

Kivi by Kibu Green

Plants & Internet of Things

Innovative design and technology at home, that takes care of your plants when you are on holidays or you just don't have the time to take care of them.

Kivi by Kibu Green

Plants & Health

Having plants in our environment gives us countless benefits: they help increase concentration, creativity and self-esteem.

Kivi by Kibu Green

Plants & Food

Are you tired of your plants continuously dying? If your vegetables never survive at home because you never remember to water them, KIVI flowerpot knows when they need watering, and waters them efficiently thanks to its 2 liter capacity water tank!

Kivi by Kibu Green

Plants & your friends

Switch on your KIVI and show it to your friends and family. You can water the plants you have in Barcelona even if you are in Tokyo.



Fresas, tomates cherry o especias frescas durante todo el año / Strawberries, cherry tomatoes or fresh spices all year.

Kivi by Kibu Green

Kivi, el amigo que te riega las plantas / Kivi, the friend that waters your plants.

Kivi by Kibu Green

El proyecto Yuzz lleva a Silicon Valley a jóvenes emprendedores Cántabros. / The Yuzz project brings young entrepreneurs Cantabrian to Silicon Valley.

Kivi by Kibu Green


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to the delivery and future updates.

26 FEB 2017

Crowdfunding Campaign

On February 26 we have a date on -Kickstarter-


Test, test and test!

25 MAY 2016 - NOW

3D Prototype & Testing

15 JUN 2015 - 25 MAY 2016

Research and Development


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